The First Few Steps

We were randomly selected to pilot the DSS – Magellan (Motion pending to rename to the Galatica), after we were determined a more competent crew than the original crew so we swapped places with the original, so they would make a stage public launch while we left Druse. After we left orbit a large amount of arcs emerged from Druse destroying all life as we knew it. In reaction we decided it was best to escape the system without being detected, but we discovered several ships and a sensor net stopping up from leaving the system undetected. Although the major problem being we needed to refuel so that we could spike jump out of the system. Eric attempted to hack the sensor net to go through the undetected than refuel at a near by gas giant, after he failed at that several larger ships than ours approached us. We were trying to outrun them, but them Sabel remembered that he served on one of the ship the DSS – (Can’t remember the name currently) and his sister and best friend currently serve on the ship. After we sent some “encrypted” messages to them, they decided to help us escape the system by protecting us as we refuelled and left the system. As we were refuelling we elected the captain of the ship to be Sabel. We arrived at the new system and entered the heavily radiated planet Tamahwoe. We found a religious group believing that they are the rightful owner of the planet and that they are the only one’s capable of bringing their race back from the brink of extinction. We agreed to help them with their problems, we were to stop another religious group from gaining power form the north. As we left to do that we encountered some creatures on the way there, while Talia Summers “guarded” the shuttle. We faced off against some insects which the engineer (once again I can’t remember the name of) thinks may of infested myself (Jimmy) with some eggs, so I will be under some intensive surveillance in the next set of days, weeks or months. After we faced off against them we encountered some pre-tech battle droids, Brother Ahrkam implored us to disable them rather than destroy them, but I felt destroying them was also a good option after I got shot with one of their weapons and my trigger finger was itching to shoot something. After I destroyed one with no hopes of salvage with my shotgun(Dorris) we thought it was time to seek out the medical bay on the Magellan after the captain went unconscious from too many lasers hitting him. Also we decided to salvage whatever was possible from the droids.



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