While I wont reguritate what happened up to the point of Jimmy’s report I will continue on from the point of the group getting back into the shuttle.

Having safely removed themselves back into the shuttle the crew flew back to the ‘capital’ of Tamawo. Their they recounted their story to the elders. At this time they were also talking to other members of the community and found a young girl who was willing to share her information, that of biology etc(this included medictech dataas well). She volenteered , before the communtity had to rerurn to ‘Sanctuary’ (which happened in a day or so, to return with the group to their ship and record as much as she could retell for their records. While on board the crew took turns at trying to gain other insights into what was happening and some of the history. Returning her to the community for them to enter ‘Sanctuary’ the group decided they woul try and scan space above the northern city. After a series of events they found a downlink feed and discovered that the city had some advanced technological energy signatures. The group they decided on a blod plan to enter and disable, or possibly to take, what technology they could and also try to ‘even the battleground’ amounst the Tamawo people.
The infiltration group performed with extreme effectiveness, getting to the roof of the highest tower and took to disabling a laser cannon. This is where things started to go wrong. In the end the Templar lost his left hand, fused to the cannons energy coils and had to cut himself free to make good an escape.
Back on board the ship the group discovered another island continent that had appeared to be less radiated and were considering what possiblities there were in using this information with the community when a major explosion in the northern city occured, possible due to their interference , possibly because of the age of the equipment. The group decided not to wait around for the community to emerge from Sanctuary and set course for another planet, the planet Wesh.
Hopefully they have learnt something from all of this, perhaps not, time will tell.
They make jump and arrive at Wesh according to plan. Below them they see a planet, beautiful green and blue orbiting a gas giant. What adventure awaits them here?



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